Monday, 30 July 2012

Fantasy Week, Part 1

Here's a story.

‘twas the 3rd night of the summering drink-times that I sat upon the Tree of Revelation, turned to my elven friend Fairskin Pointyears and said "You know, I think Fantasy may be one of my favourite genres."

Most of what I just said isn’t true of course, (it was actually the winter drink-times and my Dwarven friend Beardy Stumpfoot) but fantasy IS one of my favourite genres. I've been trying to figure out why. Is it dragons? Magic? I wanted to pinpoint a specific reason so I couldn’t just say ‘everything’ because they don't make pins that big.

Then it occurred to me that it is everything, but only because it creates one thing; adventure. That's what I love. And with fantasy, it feels like that adventure is just outside the door for anyone. You don't specifically need to be a wizard, or a knight, or anything like that. Those can just be things you meet along the way.

I’m gonna call this fantasy week. A trilogy of updates on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Accept quest?

We’ll start with this; a group, a fellowship, or just those you meet along the way.

Monday, 23 July 2012


So let's start with a good one:

Graffiti Dude. Drawn 7 years ago when all I wanted was the ability to draw well. Coloured this year when all I want is the ability to do everything well. Ink, colour, shade... One thing that hasn't changed, aside from still wanting to draw, is wanting a goatee like his but being incapable of growing a decent amount of facial hair.

If you enjoyed this, stick around. We're just getting started. Like my beard.