Friday, 30 November 2018

November, Smashed

Drawing something every day for Inktober felt amazing. But tiring. It was a relief to finish. However, I was so proud of my accomplishment that I couldn't rest for too long. I wanted to keep going. Govember? No. No, not every month needs a special name. Months already have names.

I don't usually do tributes. But Stan Lee's impact on my life was too great for me not to do something to mark his passing. No sadness, no angels or pearly gates. Just a celebration of the man and his work.

Thank you, Stan Lee

I had the pleasure of taking part in @Calmoray's Sidekicks Collab. The project's goal was to have side characters from animated Disney movies be drawn by a different artist.  I chose Undertow from The Little Mermaid 2. I love this squished down little shark. And the Genie was already taken.


Smash Bros Ultimate is coming out next week and I am very excited. Or at least I would be, if I had a Nintendo Switch to play it on. Still, I was at least excited enough to draw a bunch of stuff for it. The reveal of 'Piranha Plant' as a new fighter in the game divided fans. As always, I'm on the side of it being 'just weird enough to be cool'.

Piranha Plant

Nintendo also revealed that once the game is relased, there will be 5 extra characters available for download. I have some strong opinions about who those characters should be. I also have strong opinions about stopping at 5.



Professor Layton


Lloyd Irving



Shovel Knight
To be honest, I'll probably come up with more. 79 characters isn't nearly enough for one game. Come on Nintendo, make the effort.