Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Infamous Fizz

There really is no better expression of who these characters are then having them burst out of a bottle of booze. Plus, it ends this illustrative trilogy with a bang! Or at least a pop. I can manage a pop. Hre's the previous two if you've missed them:

Infamous Flight
Infamous Puke

I like drawing expressive hands, and that unexpectedly became key to this drawing. I don't think bursting out of the bottle would have been enough to make this interesting, and then each character's hand can express who they are individually. Except for Ant's of course, who nabbed what he perceives as his rightful place, lazing at the top.

I almost left Tony's hand hanging lazily by his side to potray his apathetic attitude but it made the drawing look unbalanced, and it made him seem unengaged and unfriendly. I see him as wearied by the world, not entirely detached. You can still value things, even if you've stopped believing they will actually happen. Like being a professional artist for example. Wheeeeeeyy! Oh I made myself sad. Time for real booze.

Thursday, 7 January 2016

Sketch Dailies

 @Sketch_Dailies tweets a topic every day for artists to sketch, then retweets the results. It's a good drawing community to be part of, where you can discover new artists and maybe be discovered yourself. I've built up enough of these sketches now to post a decent blog about it.


The Topic here was 'Kraken'. I knew everyone would post giant tentacled sea creatures - because, well, that's what a kraken is - so I went the opposite direction to stand out. I... can't say this particular tactic has brought me much success yet.


This topic was 'Ghoul'. I thought that was just another word for ghost but apparently it's an evil spirit that eats corpses. I tried to draw loosely, hence the strange anatomy and weird eyes. I imagined he goes 'ngyun ngyun ngyun' as he eats. That was also the sound I made when I drew it.


This topic was 'Basilisk'. I assumed they were simply giant snakes but after checking, they're apparently smaller and with a white spot on their head shaped like a diadem. I also had to check what a diadem was. When I found out I had fun coming up with a design for it. Apparently Basiliks can have bird-like features too, but I went full serpant.


This topic was 'Kappa'. I hadn't heard of a Kappa before, but after reading the Japanese folklore I was raring to draw one: a frog-monkey-like creature, with a tutle shell on its back and a pool of water in its head. It sounded really fun. I mean I did go on to read they sometimes attack, rape, and drown people but whatever.

Monday, 4 January 2016

Infamous Puke

My first post of 2016! Starting off weird. My thinking behind this piece was just to draw the Infamous Five characters in a way we haven't seen yet. I... don't think we've seen any characters anywhere like this.

Back in September I posted Infamous Flight and said it was one of a trilogy, but couldn't find the time to complete the other two. The great thing about a new year is that you put more effort into shit you want to do, with the intention of spending the rest of the year like that. That attitude usually peters out halfway through January. So I better get the final piece finished before then.

You can read The Infamous Five comic at theinfamousfive.com!