Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Who Wants to Play?

It's 2017! But it's also the 31st of January, so the fact it's a new year stopped being exciting 3 weeks ago. Unless of course you consider fascism exciting. Still, this is the first post of the new year and I've got something to be excited about...

I have a show! It's a gaming show I host with my friend Matt. See, we watched Let's Play videos on YouTube and decided 'you know what this bloated genre needs? MORE.'

Our show is called 'Who Wants to Play?' and we started work on it 3 months ago, hence why it's been quiet here for the 3 months. I've been working on all the editing and graphics, including drawing our handsome faces.

We only need one each per episode, but sometimes we make a mistake or play a scary game so I feelanother expression is necessary. Nervous, confused, laughing hysterically and terrified is what I have so far, and pretty much sums up what it's like making a show.

Click HERE to visit our channel and see every episode!

Or to save on clicks, you can watch the latest episode right here! This is actually the first game we ever recorded, something we originally scrapped but which I manage to save with fancy editing: