Thursday, 4 June 2015

SKETCHBOOK FURY, Part 3 - Seven Ways to Win

I said there'd be more superheroes. Here are more superheroes.

Doctor and Soldier
There's really no reason for her to be wearing a white coat. She's out fighting. But I like how it looks. It's a doctor's version of a cape.You might be wondering why the solider has one small gun and one large gun. It's because I like the dynamic difference between the two. It's because he relies on skill as much as power. And it's because I had to make the gun smaller to fit on the page.
Eyeball Man and Plant Kid
I was pondering a new type of visual, and a guy with giant detached eyeballs was what I came up with. I remember a satisfying moment when I showed a friend and he said 'urgh'. That was an older sketch though when I made them gooey. They don't need to be gooey. It's gross enough. I hope his handsome face and thick stylish hair will counter too much 'urgh'. Plant Kid wants to be tough but has this embaressing problem where pretty flowers grow out of him. But if his ego gets bruised to much, he can always pull out some giant thorned vines and Dionaea muscipula. He wouldn't know that's what they're called though.

Blood Queen and Boil

Blood doesn't come out of clothes, so she doesn't wear clothes. I developed a trait in the sketchbook where I would draw women holding a knife, and their body would end where the blade is. The Knife Girl sketches had it yesterday.A rough guy covered in boils that can be fired off like little cannon balls sounds like perfect villain material, so on that basis I made him a hero. Naturally.

Portal Man

I always thought portals were cool. Jumping into them, flying through a tunnel of spiralling light and then popping out somewhere new and exciting. So a guy who could just conjure them up whenever to wherever he wants seemed really interesting to me. The energy he's surfing on? A bonus. I figured it'd give him a better entrance than clumsily falling out the portal.

That's it for the superheroes. But not for the sketchbook. See you tomorrow for the final round!