Monday, 22 February 2016

Spider-Man Week - Part 1

Spider-Man has the best rogues gallery in the hero business. Some people would argue Batman does but I disagree, due to the fact I haven't drawn Batman's rogues gallery yet. I've drawn Spider-Man's. And I need you to be excited about that.

I started sketching Spider-Man villains back in April 2014, after seeing The Amazing Spider-Man 2. I thought the film was good; not amazing. However it was indeed the second film, so I had no quarrel with '2'. At the time I focused on villains that hadn't appeared in the movies yet, but recently I went back and just drew all of them. That's enough for several updates so hey, let's have a Spider-Man week! Focusing, of course, on characters that aren't Spider-Man.

I improvised the costumes as I went so if it seems like the designs are off from the original, that's because they are. I'm also gonna share my personal thoughts on each of the characters because like all geeks, I assume I know better than the people who've actually achieved employment in the industry that publises these stories.

Scorpion and Mysterio

Scorpion - He really should be a bigger threat in Spider-Man's life than he is. They're so similar. They're both arachnida, they can both climb walls... but he comes across as little more than a dumb thug, hastily dispatched each time Spider-Man engages with him. Perhaps he'll never reach the personal, imposing level of villainy that Green Goblin and Venom have on Spider-Man, but I'd still like to see a more ambitious Mac Gargan. Basically, he needs more sting.

Mysterio - I'm surprised Mysterio hasn't appeared in the films yet. There's so much potential for mad imagery with this illusionist, so many ways to mess with Spider-Man's mind and the audience's own grasp on what is reality within the movie.

The Shocker and Hydro Man

The Shocker - Herman Schultz invented a device that could crack bank safes with powerful high-frequency vibrations. He has no desire to be a super-villain or fight heroes, even the suit he wears is just to protect himself from the power of his weapon. I like this premis. If he ever ends up on the big screen, I hope they keep that; a villain who never meant to be a big name. Although really, it was his own fault for calling himself 'the Shocker'. In fact, anything beginning with 'the' is pretty attention grabbing.

As for my drawing, I always thought it was more interesting for Shocker to wear one shock unit rather than a pair. Aside from being more interesting to look at, it really shows that this guy is on a budget, using whatever scraps he can come by to build his weapon and make a quick buck.

Hydro Man - Morphing powers are fun to draw; I went all out with the swirly water. Incidentaly, 'made of water' is all I really know about this character. That and his tremendous hair. From what I read just now on Wikipedia, Morris Bench gained his powers after Spider-Man accidentally knocked him off a cargo ship during the testing of an experimental generator in the ocean. That's pretty damn unfortunate, and unusually clumsy for a superhero. I'm gonna hold on to my drinks particularly careful now, in case one wrong spill results in the birth of 'orange juice man'. That might sound ridiculous, but something about a man named 'OJ' seems pretty dangerous to me.

That's all for today! Tomorrow: The Vulture, Kraven, Morbius, Jack O' Lantern and Tombstone!