Wednesday, 28 March 2018

The Trash Tapes, Troll 2

The first episode of The Trash Tapes is about 'Troll 2'.

Troll 2 isn't about events that followed Troll 1. In fact, it isn't even about Trolls. So as a podcast about terrible movies reaching cult status, there's nothing better for Johann and Edward to start off with.

I haven't seen the movie, except for the infamous 'Oh my god' clip, which Johann is recreating here. Edward is recreating the scene where characters turn into trees, so that they can be eaten by Goblins. Yes, that's a thing that happens. That is the main thing that happens. Do they at least get eaten by Trolls Too?

No. The only monsters in Trolls 2 are Goblins; who apparently have both the selfish carnivorous need for flesh AND the vegetarian pomposity to only eat plants. Now that really is a horror.

Don't invite them round for movie night. They'll probably turn a pepperoni pizza into spinach, the bastards.