Friday, 14 September 2018

Smash Bros Used Surf

Here are the Smash Bros, but not all of of them, so we could call this 'Some Bros', which is less exciting, so let's not.

I didn't draw this 'cos I like Smash, I drew this 'cos I like Lapras, but I also like Smash, so I drew some bros surfing on her back. I think Lapras could work as a battleground in the new game, or at least as an element of a battleground, so Nintendo, if you're reading this, I give you permission to use your own characters to do that.

I haven't posted since April but in my defence I was evicted from my home, so I've been moving between hospitals, mini hotels, the homes of friends and strangers. I became friends with the most recent stranger, who helped me retrieve my computer equipment from my previous landlord so that I could draw this. Writing that last sentence has reminded me how astoundingly lucky I am, which is good, as it helps me me forget how unlucky the first one was.

Now that I'm relatively safe I bought Pokémon, Donky Kong, Animal Crossing, Mario, all with discount I received from my new job at gaming store... I've thrown myself into it pretty hard. I guess I need the comfort. Now I'm trying to put myself back into 'making things', not only with this illustration but with new episodes of my show.

It's a gaming show, obviously.