Friday, 30 November 2012

Comic #9 Sketch and Ink

Here's the sketch and inks for comic #9 of The Infamous Five!  The moustaches made this one was particularly fun to draw.

I gave Tony and Lee moustaches that resembled the hair which I thought would look pretty funny, whilst snooty Elliot got a smart gentlemanly one. Ant, as a rough and brusque fellow, got the handle-bar moustache of a biker, whilst Craig... well I kinda went crazy and gave him the type of sharp tumbling moustache you see on Asian guys in karate movies. Ironically he had to shave his old moustache to put it there.

I want them to have moustaches all the time now...

Oh, and as of today, The Infamous Five has so far raised a total of zero money for cancer!