Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Past and Future

Both my websites have now surpassed a whole year! That's my comic The Infamous Five and... well, you already know what the other one is called. You're here now. You know the name, right? Or do you treat this place like I treat free samples; eat the tasty treats without caring what they're called? That's okay. I don't mind. So long as you keep coming back for the treats.

As I mentioned in the beginning, I've been drawing for far more years than my websites have been around. I was going to describe the accumulation of paper, but it'd have more of an impact if I showed you:

Stop! Before you judge me I have to say, I don't live like this. This isn't a standard shot of my life. I pride myself on a tidy work environment. See all those folders and plastic pockets? I'm organised! I have separate folders for drawings of people, buildings, fantasy, fan art and even dedicated folders for my own story ideas, all of which have subsections, whilst half-finished sketches go in dedicated wallets and... You know, now that I'm actually telling someone all this I'm not sure whether complete organisation is weirder than mess.

Either way, I've made my point. I've been drawing since I was a kid and this blog about my life actually holds back on how much I've done. How much I love the craft. I'm gonna keep updating with new work, but I've built up a heady archive of material and it's all sitting in my room unseen. That's no good. Now seems like a good time to introduce it, as we surpass a year and I think about ways to move forward. Moving forward by showing you old work! Wait, no, I worded that badly. I'm gonna take the next step by showing you... old steps? No, uh, what I mean is we're going to progress by regressing to, uh... give me a sec with this.



There. That explains it.