Monday, 4 March 2013

Bubble Spyro

When I was drawing video game crossovers back in January, this was one of the ideas that came to mind. I didn't draw because I wanted  to stick with the furred animal theme I had going at the time (really don't want to use the word 'furry'), but I always wanted to go back to it one day. Which was apparently today!

Spyro isn't a game I've played, mostly because I've never owned a Playstation. But I like the concept. Well it's pretty simple, I mean he's just a dragon. But he's a cool design, cartoony fun that looks like it can kick ass. I like that line between fun and tough.

Bubble Bobble I played a lot as a kid, another example of going to a friend's house and being more excited about his stuff. I have a sudden urge to play it again.

I drew these characters by looking at the front covers of their very first games.