Saturday, 2 March 2013

Infamous Marketing

Despite drawing a comic about friends in a pub I rarely get together with friends at the pub. "Aww." say the audience. It was driving me a little mad, so yesterday I made the effort and hit Camden Town with some mates. I say "hit" to make it sound more cool, but really the word "went" would do.

The table we sat was covered in scratches and graffiti because that's the kind of pubs we like. And then we thought that if people can draw their crap on on this table then why not draw mine? A little guerrilla marketing for my webcomic The Infamous Five! One of my friends happened to have a fat pencil case stuffed with black pens (my pencil case just had pencils) and here's the result!

I must confess, in the first picture there was a big "MAARTEN WAS HRE" graffito that I've Photoshopped out because it was distracting from my masterpiece and I don't want you to think my name is Maarten. Plus, I don't like that there's a Marten in the world who spells his name with two As and the word 'here' with one E. But I do like that the singular form of graffiti is 'graffito'.

In the centre of the pic you can see my friend wrote 'The Infamous Five' on a pint glass which I think looks just fantastic. That pint glass on a white background would make a great movie poster. Not to, er, sound too ambitious or anything.

The table got damp with cider and snakebite as the afternoon flowed on. I suppose that doesn't make us seem particularly dignified, but hey, we weren't having tea with the vicar. And look! There's NO smudging! 3 of the guys are drenched in booze and they're still clear. Loving those pens, it means my art will last forever. Or last until someone comes along and draws penises on their heads. Which was probably about an hour after we left.