Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Steqhen Fri

I watch a lot of QI whilst drawing, so I suspected at some point I'd be drawing the show itself. It's odd to suspect yourself of something, like a detective awaiting a crime. Now that's it done a voice in my head is saying "Ha, caught you!" ...I shouldn't refer to my art as a crime.

For those who don't know, QI is- wait a second, this is the internet. Why explain? Head to Youtube, type in 'QI' and watch Stephen Fry tell the camera quite interesting facts whilst 4 comedians tear them apart. It's a good time! Also, I managed to sneak a description in there anyway 'cos I hate it when people start talking to me about their favourite topic then answer every question with 'Google it'. Fuck off, why don't you Google conversation instead then get back to me.

I've seen every episode of QI multiple times. Which isn't a boast, rather an obsession I should probably justify. Well, aside from the fact it's funny and quite interesting (there's what QI stands for by the way) I keep going back to it because there's something about the combination of intelligence and silliness that's incredibly warming at a time when a lot of television shows seem to celebrate idiots, conflict and vanity. I don't think I even need to name those shows, you've probably thought of 3 already. I'm personally talking about reality and game shows here, I know there are some decent scripted shows playing right now that I plan on watching. But I suspect I'd need to concentrate on those characters, not be trying to draw my own at the same time.