Monday, 29 July 2013

Pokémon Fusion: Shellchop vs Mudra

Looks like I wasn't done with the Pokémon thing. Not sure what you're looking at? Maybe I need to explain "Pokémon Fusion". Meanwhile those who already know can head on down to the cool club and I'll catch up with you later.

A web developer called Alex Onsager developed a website where you can 'fuse' two different Pokémon together and make completely new ones. The images used on the website are the little pixelated spirtes from the games, so a trend developed amongst geeky artists where they'd fully illustrated the results. This is mine.

I read people were making fusions before that particular website was around, but this is the point where I got on board. I don't know if there are rules, if we were supposed to draw the first fusion we got. I just kept clicking "random" until I found something I like. And even then, I kept on clicking 'cos you just get some damn nice (or laugh-out-loud ridiculous) results. "Shellchop" and "Mudra" are the ones that stuck for me.

I was a little wary of taking part in what is essentially a meme, so I decided to go a bit different and have them battling. That's why we like the game in the first place, right?