Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Arctic Shaman

An arctic shaman. I don't truly know what a shaman is, maybe it's ignorant of me to assume they're the guys who wear animal pelts. I at least know they're an old culture connected to spirits and healing, though to be honest I'm still going mostly with the pelt... I rather liked the idea of the pelt turning him part-wolf, too and made him a bit of a superhero. The blue point on his suit represents a snowy mountain, the low spikes frozen drips of water. I know the technical term is stalactites, but I didn't know if you did. Maybe that's patronising (if you know what that means).

This drawing, like so many others in my blog now, started as imperfect sketching that ended up a complete thing. Which is entirely the opposite to my usual process of carrying complete things in my head, but wanting them to be so perfect I end up not drawing them at all. Of course, there's nothing wrong with planning. But there's still a lesson to be learned here: less perfection, more sketching. It's something I've known for a while and am slowly getting used to.

So this character really came out of nowhere, as have many others so far. Mostly, I've left them as they are to become whatever comes naturally to the viewer's mind. But I'm looking at this guy now and thinking I want to give him more stuff. The same goes for the detective last week and a few others that have potential. Suddenly it's 'screw your imaginations, these are my toys!' I'm thinking they should have names, backstories... futures?

No concrete plans right now, of course. It's just some good imperfect sketching.