Thursday, 6 September 2012

Out in the Sticks - Day 4

Village Café
Village Cafés are cleaner than Town Cafés, and usually furnished like grandma's house. Actually, with the places usually having tea, sandwiches and cakes being served there by old ladies, you basically are just paying to be at grandma's house. Does that make grandma a whore? Yes, kids. Your grandma is a whore. And where's grandpa? Pretty much any man sitting apart from everyone else and tutting at his newspaper is grandpa. He won't say hello to you, but he angrily read at you sometimes.

Originally this took 1 hour and 40 minutes, but add on 30 minutes of going back to fix things. It was time well invested, because originally this was another building that looked like it was gonna fall over. You might be able to see the original shape in the blue sketch lines, where it's leaning too far back. But yeah, I sorted it. Because even though these are practice drawings and I'm not afraid to make mistakes, you gotta practice fixing them too.