Friday, 7 September 2012

Out in the Sticks - Day 5

Village Shop
Village shop. 1 hour 45 minutes.

Thus far I've been adoring of the country lifestyle, but now we get to the hard side. I used to visit a mate that lived in the country, and one day I fancied chocolate. In the town I live in, a shop is rarely more than 10 minutes away, thus a choclate is rarely more than 10 minutes away. But in the country, where he lived? 30 minute walk. Perhaps even 40. I remember that being a really difficult time.

Went with a sketchier style. I do that sometimes. Originally I wasn't gonna bother with the wall crawler because it was small, complex and just draped over everything. That's the benefit of sketchy style though. Instead of fretting over perfect lines (as I am prone to do), you just go for it.

I added reflections to the windows, which are working a pretty cool effect for just thin lines thrown down in a few seconds.