Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Cybernetic Chick

After last week's idyllic beauty I thought we'd go in a slightly different direction and have a screaming girl from the future jumping into your face with a laser gun. Keepin' it fresh.

I told a friend of mine I'd be updating with this girl today and he referred to her pose as being "somewhat dubious". Ha! A comment one hundred times more subtle than the drawing.

When I first sat down and began drawing this, I didn't think I would be drawing <i>this</i>. It just happened. I remember me and another friend (I have more than one friend, impressed?) sitting down with pencils and paper, he with a very specific illustration in mind, me sketching lines to see what would happen... huh, this is starting to sound like an apology. It's not.

Simply, I thought it would be a cool action pose. Then I thought it was overtly sexual. Then I thought that was okay too.