Monday, 22 October 2012


I'm heading to Sweden this week! For the third time, and will again be staying with this family in their lovely house, eating their delicious food and wandering around their pretty country. A rich experience despite the fact that I am a poor man scraping by on pennies and charm. Charm or pity, I forget. Either way, I wanted to show my appreciation so I surprised them with this drawing. I also bought them booze, but I thought it best to draw them in their sober state.

I actually gave this drawing to them back in Spring, the first time I went. I cobbled it together from looking at photos of their faces and the kind of clothes they wear. It's difficult to surprise someone with a drawing if they have to spend a few hours posing for you.

The second time was in Summer, and now I'm going back there for... what is this, Autumn? Winter? It's cold and I'm sneezing, whichever it is. But I'm still determined to dip into that Swedish ocean. It's so BLUE. English sea water is filthy and green, uninviting even during a warm season. So in Sweden I am getting in that water, I don't care if my own skin turns blue.

I drew other things for them on my repeated trips (if you met me once, you'd want to invite me back too) so I might share them soon, too!

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