Monday, 21 March 2016

Fantasy Week, Part 1

When this blog began in 2012 I decided to share several fantasy drawings I had lying around in one week, creatively referring to this as 'Fantasy Week'. I did this at least once a year since then, and only just noticed. I've invented a tradition, like Jesus Christ or some other mighty holy figure it is perfectly reasonable to compare myself to.

Each time, the style of the theme changes slightly. First it was fully realised illustrations, then improvised illustrations (later coloured), and most recently: pages upon pages of random creatures. Descriptions of those creatures were vague, such as 'I drew this bat because I had space on the page' and 'angry cyclops guy'. In my defence I'm pretty sure only 3 people read the stuff I write, two of those being government agents looking for secret terrorist messages and the other just me doing a spell check (down with teh west).

This year will feature more random creatures as it's one of my favourite things to draw. There'll be one page a week which will give me time to do my other favourite thing: writing. So here we go! This is Fantasy Week, 2016!

  • A Nutskull is a vicious little mammal that will throw the nuts it's collected at any animal or human it sees. They will keep going until the entire collection is gone, and then hiss at you as if it was your fault. The acorn shell Nutskulls wear on their head protect it from nuts thrown back in revenge, an act which the Nutskull thinks its terribly unfair. Some people deliberately search for Nutskull trees, wearing padded clothes and a basket, in order to collect the nuts thrown. It's enjoyable taste comes from spiteing the mammal rather than the nut itself.

  • The Copy Cap is a mushroom that hasn’t had an original idea in its entire existence. Admittedly, most mushrooms don’t have ideas at all. But this particular mushroom’s tendency to copy the attributes of plant life around it makes its lack of original thinking more appalling.

  • Fox Bears are cunningly lazy. Varies incidents have been recorded, such as a Fox Bear that won a cave from a rival predator by blocking the entrance with a large boulder. After 2 days the predator escaped and fled, too weak and hungry to fight. Other incidents include a Fox Bear waiting by a hunter's rabbit trap so that it could eat the rabbit before the hunter arrived. One Fox Bear purposefully got caught itself, intending to eat the hunter.

  • Categorists argue that Laughing Spiders should be renamed 'Squeak Bugs', as its four legs disqualify it as an arachnid and its high pitched, recurring cry cannot be determined to be laughter. Others counter this with the fact that you can remove a Laughing Spider from your house by telling it a bad joke.

  • Marlon Winguard patrols a valley that is popular among hikers, lending aid to those that run low on supplies or get lost. He expects no reward for his efforts but always greatful to those who give it. Those who try to take advantage of his hospitality, to disover what he knows of its secrets or treasures, may find themselves abandoned without mercy.

  • Many say Crystal Slugs are beautiful. You must always remind them that it's the crystals that are beautiful. The crystals imbedded in its back are accompanied by levitating crystals just above it, both seemingly impossible to remove. Killing the slug only disintegrates the crystals. Many have attempted to follow this creature to find the origin of the crystals, but everyone loses patience following a slug.

More tomorrow, see you then!