Saturday, 29 December 2012

A Little Birthday Blog

Did you enjoy Christmas? Well don't stop celebrating yet because there's one more thing to enjoy! No not New Year, shut up, tomorrow's my birthday! Jesus asked if I wanted to do a double party but I said let's both have our moments, one for the righteous lord and the other one for Jesus. We have different friends anyway, plus our dads got into a fight once.

As excited as I am for my birthday, I will be 28 and that's weird. Why? Well there's this thing called Club 27. See, an unusual amount of artistic talent died at the age of 27. Thus they were immortalised as brilliant tortured geniuses. Jimmy Hendrix, Kurt Cobain, Janis Joplin… That's creative genius of course, not the useful kind. So all this year I've been thinking to myself "If I want to be one of those hyper-cool artistic geniuses, I better start living dangerously. Maybe I should start having sugar in my tea?"

There was also the small matter of doing something genius… I like my cartoons and comics but they're not quite up there with Purple Haze. Oh that’s the other problem of course, Club 27 is full of musical talent. A cartoonist might seem out of place. Maybe I could hand out the Pringles or something? On the plus side, at least my talents won’t be vastly over-rated by mourning fans. I'd much rather have everyone alive know me for my crap! Wait, what.

Seriously though, this is a really weird transition. Back in college, things were music-centric. I was going to add 'for me' but I reckon it's like that for everyone. You're young, you're making new friends and you all want to be vastly cool, and alongside the newest names in music (that you all swear you knew before anyone else) the old names are circling round. You grow up with them, they're known by everyone and there's idolisation going on. Perhaps, to a horrible extent I don't approve of, Godhood. Even if you don't like them, they're cemented in musical history. And now I’m gonna be older than those people? It’s weird. How can I be older than Gods? And still feel vastly uncool.

10 minutes. Time for some tea and a spoonful of- no, no I can't. Tea is meant to be refreshing, not a sugar hit! The bouncer of Club 27 knows my I.D is fake and that I've got a bottle hidden in my sleeve.

Well, it's time to find other people to idolise. I hear Stan Lee turned 90 yesterday? Okay. He'll do.