Monday, 5 May 2014

COLOURED! Plant Being

As you're avid readers of my blog, you'll know all about the old illustration that I posted yesterday with new colours. Well it was so satisfying that I decided to do another, this one also from last year's Fantasy Week:

As I said the first time I drew it, I wish these were the kind of creatures I came across when walking through the park. They could help if you're lost, give you food, heal wounds... Perhaps I was supposed to grow out of such whimsy, but it's either think about adventure or think about the massive student loan I took out so that I could be told by university art teachers I wasn't very good.

Suddenly that 'healing wounds' bit sounds a lot more psychological.

One of the joys of digital colour is that I can play around with the image after it's finished. Here's a couple of seasonal alternatives.