Friday, 23 May 2014


As I said when I first drew this, I didn't mean to give him an assault rifle. I imagined a charming, traditional weapon. Something colonial. Either way, this character is still shooting animals and cutting off their feet for trophies so maybe 'charming' was a futile word. You may ask 'why didn't you just do an internet search for colonial weapons?' Because it's only now, as I'm writing this blog post, that I realise 'colonial' is the description I meant.

It's strange seeing a modern element in a fantasy setting. Fantasy and sci-fi works, sure. That's epic. That's magic and robots. That's Star Wars! But fantasy and modern day? That's Gandalf listening to an ipod. Ruins the mood. Although I suppose Harry Potter's tale of fantasy and modern day had a bit of success.

Regardless, I like how this came out. It's easy to imagine he's using an assault rifle for a creature that needs to take heavy damage, like a Rhinoceratops or Justin Bieber's face.

And I like to imagine the four creatures those feet belonged to. From left to right, they could be a giant bird, a sea monster, a bear and a red dragon. Or, I suppose, it could be one weird creature with four different feet.