Thursday, 8 May 2014

COLOURED! Air Beast Rider

I actually tried to colour this last year but gave up when I couldn't figure out what colour the rider's bits of clothing should be. He was simultaneously shirtless whilst wearing bits of pads, metal and feathers. What the hell is the theme?! I couldn't run this time, so I just blew through my worries. Now it's hard to imagine what I was worried about. I should do that more often.

When I first drew that mask, I imagined it was to help the rider breath at high altitude. But that'd be cold, so why go shirtless? So now I imagine he operates in the desert, low altitude, and the mask filters any sand in the air. Can probably make some bird screeches through it too.

I haven't come up with anything for the beast, I'm not a nerd.

I'm now over half-way through colouring the illustrations from Fantasy Week, so it may be time for me to admit that I'm colouring all the illustrations from Fantasy Week. I can't pretend this is a whim anymore, this is an actual task I'm doing. I hate telling people that I'm going to do something, they always get this weird expectation that I'll do it.

Three to go.