Tuesday, 6 May 2014

COLOURED! Monkey Magic

What started out as one spontaneous colouring of an old drawing has now turned to three. Were I a more organised man, I could have turned the previous three days into an event. "On the first anniversary of my hugely succesful Fantasy Week," I'd have began, lying "I breath fresh life into my hugely popular characters by imbuing them with the brightest colours picked from the strongest rainbows." I've have ended, transforming my lie intro quite the most poetic bullshit.

The third piece is this magic monkey which I insist on titling Monkey Magic:

This could be a monkey that knows magic or a monkey that knows how to steal from a wizard's cupboard, either way you gotta admit it's a cool trick to simultaneously have grey hair and brown fur.

Maybe I'll go on to colour the rest of the drawings from Fantasy Week. Or maybe I'll do something else, I don't know. I've really got to start organising my spontaneity.