Thursday, 9 May 2013

Fantasy Week, Day 4: Turtle Surfing

At first I drew the turtle with standard flippers. But then I changed them to wings. At least, I tried to. They ended up looking like giant flippers. So now it comes down to viewer choice. Flippers or wings? That would depend on whether you prefer the idea of swimming or flying. Although, the freedom of fantasy means he could be flying with flippers... either way, it's still a turtle. So I may exaggerated how much the man's hair and cloak would be billowing traveling at turtle speed.

Speaking of the man, here's something else: The problem with drawing nondescript characters, as opposed to specifically designing one for a comic or something, is that they can unintentionally look like someone else. Here, it seems I have accidentally Neil Patrick Harris. I'm okay with that though. I mean, it's not him. But if it was, I'd let him stay.