Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Fantasy Week, Part 2

I did most of the talking yesterday, so let's just fill up on drawing.

  • An angry cloud with lightning hands and hair. Cartoonists always draw storms so angry. Thunder isn't a happy sound, I suppose. But if you make the cloud laugh hard enough it'll pee rain itself and eventually disappear.
  • A jet-propelled plant. Presumably it got bored waiting on the ground for bugs to fall into its mouth, so went after them instead. That's what I did.
  • This Ant is so big it needs its own ant nest. Don't call it 'the queen' though, its very sensitive about its masculinity.
  • A Snowman with ice boots (as in boots made out of ice) and a pair of boxing gloves. You'd think if it liked sports it'd be more into skiiing or something.

  • The bog monster is too cute to be called a monster but it is at least from a bog.
  • I'm not entirely sure what the genie-robot thing is. Oh, I appeared to have answered my own query. It's a genie-robot thing.
  • This happy looking quadraped probably has some ferocious ancestors, but now they've been bred-out to make the perfect pet. Dog? Cat? We're in an imaginary fantasy realm, so let's call it a dog-cat and move on.
  • This sea-dragon is adorable and that's all I have to say about it.
I'm not sure if I meant for everything on that page to be so friendly looking when I started but I'm happy that's where it went.

  • This crawly lizard has a cheeky smile which makes me wonder what it can hear with those long ears.
  • This cat looks like a fighter and if it doesn't go by the name 'Fancy Whiskers', it should.
  • We end with the most traditional of fantasy creatures, a dragon. Even though we had a dragon earlier. This one has wings however, so many in fact that it never needs to land, which is just as well for everyone concerned. Unless you're one of the smaller flying creatures I've drawn in later pages.

More tomorrow!