Saturday, 29 August 2015

Fantasy Week, Part 6

  • It doesn't matter how beautiful the rest of your coral reef body is, if you start off with a giant clam for a head, people are gonna keep their distance.
  • This fish-man looks like he'd be quite pleased if people kept their distance.

This page started with a lizard so happy I couldn't see how anything else on this page could be anything but smiling.

  • The first creature, though clearly a demon of some kind, seems just as scared of Hell as anyone else.
  • The centaur creature pushed itself onto four legs so as not to be defined as a bug. Bugs get squished. Centaurs gets bows.
  • Werewolves belong in 'horror' more so than fantasy, in my opinion. Although, that's my opinion in blogger-mode. In drawing mode, my opinion is 'let me draw what I like, you internet twat.'
  • The slab of rock with its crown-like head fancies itself a king. It could very well be a king, but no one's gonna take orders from a rock.
  • I felt the last thing I drew should have as much energy as the werewolf. Or at least, more energy than the rock. So here's a running, flightless bird. It looks scared. It may be pissed I made it flightless. Hey, at least I put the wolf running in the opposite direction.