Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Fantasy Week, part 3

  • The first creature looks like it's from space, and it looks like it was a mean creature in charge of something. At his current size, that probably won't carry over here. But the floating cloak is a neat trick.
  • Sometimes when I make up birds, I like to go crazy with the beaks. This bird's entire face is a beak, with similar material on its legs. Maybe it has run-ins with that dragon from yesterday, or feeds on a rather tough worm.
  • The smaller bird next to it can't fly as high or as far but it's happy to get any lift, even if its tail still drags along the ground.
  • Despite the popular myth, cutting a worm in half does not give you two worms. This one, however, is already two worms. Good luck getting near it with a blade.
  • A trend starts on this page where I include monkeys on these monster-filled pages but don't really know what to do with them. I think the reason for that is that I peaked with this monkey that is also a banana.
  • The bat? I'll be honest with you, there was space in the middle of the paper which I just decided to fill with a bat.

  • Snakes think slithering is the best method to get around but this one discovered springing.
  • Bees dies when they sting someone, this one had the good sense to grow more than one stinger.
  • The horns on this slug's shell would make great handles if you wanted to ride it, although the compromise is that you wouldn't get anywhere particularly fast.
  • See what I mean about going mad with beaks? This one's got a whole headress thing going on with his.
  • I imagine this petal-headed reptile camoflauges itself by hiding in a bunch of flowers, and hopes no one notices one of the flowers has a long green lizard face poking out. 
  • I based the last one on a lynx. Lynxes are beautiful and I'm not sure why I don't draw them more often.

  • You'd think being a dinosaur-dragon would be more exciting than what this one's facial expression is currently protraying. Maybe he thinks his pattern of square makes him boring, like that famous expression "Be there, or be a square-patterned dinosaur-dragon."
  • This duck-like creature is just happy, and that makes me happy.
  • I'm annoyed that the hairy little mammal is apparently staring up at the dino-dragon, I didn't want anything on these pages to be intereacting with each other. But at least someone is interested in those squares.
  • I'm rather fond of this chunky fish. I don't think it'd be nimble enough to strip off your flesh in seconds like a piranha, but it'd give you a decent tug-of-war with your leg. Or boat engine.
More tomorrow!