Sunday, 30 August 2015

Fantasy Week, Part 7

  • The first creature uses its long scrawny arms to pull creatures into its mouth full of thick broken teeth, and pulverizes into them for food. Excess bones and blood get spat out the hold in its head. At this point I should tell you the theme for this page is monstrous horrors.
  • To me nothing looks more lethal than something skinny and spikey, something that's too quick and nimble for you to fight back whilst it cuts you with every touch. I'm not even sure what this spikey thing is, a robot, a bug, an alien, just keep it away from me.
  • A floating monster skull surrounded by spinning fire, should effectively frighten any adventurer, perhaps more so than it did whilst alive.
  • Okay, this cloaked monster isn't quite so scary. It has a simple grumpy face and what looks like a dumpy lizard body. Whatever. It knows the crowd it wants to hang out with.
  • Alright, I had a little bit of space at the bottom of the page and what happened was a dragon in the shape of glasses. Don't tell me you wouldn't be scared if you opened your glasses case and saw those staring at you.

The theme here was anthropomorphic, creatures that are more humanly shaped than animal.
  • The first guy looks mean. The kind of mean that'll cause you problems whether you get in his way or not.
  • Cyclops guy is angry. Judging by his dress, maybe he just lost a swim competition. Or won? Angry, cheering, it's always hard to tell with a cyclops.
  • Originally I was going to write that the theme of this page was 'monster solders' but it's hard to imagine this pudgy thing with janky arms being a soldier. Imagine being told this guy was gonna defend you.
  • I didn't mean for the last creature too look sleepy. I wanted narrowed eyes, but to convey thought and intensity. Instead, she looks, well... let's say that magic has a lot of slang terms and you feel hungry after performing it.

Guess the theme. Go on. I dare you.
  • The first bird has such a bushy head and tail it could hide in an actual bush. Which seems odd, 'cos it doesn't seem like you're taking the advantage of flight if your camouflage depends on what's on the ground.
  • I had the idea for this creature for a while but didn't get round to it for a long time. Why do we do that? Anyway, it's a wingless bird so tiny that it flies by gripping onto the spinning propeller-like blades of a certain plant.
  • Almost every one of these birds have a unique pattern on their large, droopy wings. On the rare occasions that two birds discover they share a pattern, they fly off. Scientists aren't sure where, nor are they sure if they're flying off to fight or fu- the other thing.
  • I suppose I like the idea of ear wings because I drew them again on this bird, with even more wings down its body. Without feet to land, it instead rests by dripping vines with its head feather and hanging from it.
  • The last bird has a beak that beings from the top of its head, providing a sturdy helmet. What? You don't know how tough some of those clouds are.

THAT'S IT! The end of Fantasy Week 2015. Actually I've got a couple more pages like this but I need to save up for Fantasy Week 2016. I don't know what I'll be posting next... I hope you'll come back to find out!