Thursday, 27 August 2015

Fantasy Week, Part 4

  • You've heard of the Three Wise Monkeys, right? Avoiding evil by covering their eyes, ears and mouth with their hands? Well this monkey is a little more proactive and prefers to use his giant hands to give evil an old fashioned beat down! Or steal bananas, I forget which.
  • The fat fish is in fact mostly air, floating about the ocean and gulping whatever comes its way. The obvious course of action is, of course, not to go its way but it somehow always needs to be where other fish need to go.
  • Bugs thought they'd have an easy time when they heard one species of frog ditched two of its legs as 'fuck you' to the whole jumping thing. It was a nasty surprise when they discovered the frog had instead developed a far superior tongue to its cousins.
  • The hairy thing with the horns leads a primarily sedantry lifestyle and as such can mislead others into thinking its harmless. Just remember, it has those horns for a reason.
  • Here's the first machine of these fantasy-filled pages. So exciting! It's purpose? It fills awkward space left by artists making up composition as they went along. The next machines are more interesting.

This is the first time I set myself a goal on one of these fantasy pages, a little theme. I wanted each creature to be made of something different to the other. I ended up with something mechanical, biological and then a spooky thing. I hope I don't lose your interest for the rest by saying this, but, this is one of my favourite pages.

  • Machines are becoming a regular feature now as I go with another robot, only this has much much simpler shapes. He's not actually smiling, that's just how the two halves of his head fit together. It's easy to forget that though and find yourself charmed by him. Some people deliberately forget.
  • Despite his giant sharp teeth, this creature is more grouchy than dangerous. Smaller creatures like to relax on its huge fluffy body, and though he finds it annoying the grouchy creature always misses them when they're gone.
  • If I recall correctly, I started drawing this plant creature thinking 'Don't just draw a flower person, do something more creative'. I was left with a flower person. I love it anyway.
  • The fish came about from the thought 'What would a fish with seaweed hair look like?' The answer was just dandy. It looks just dandy.
More tomorrow!